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Volunteering for CASH Oregon / AARP Tax-Aide

Imagine bringing thousands of dollars to those in need in your community. You can help! All it takes is to volunteer to work with taxpayers through the highly regarded AARP Tax-Aide program supported by CASH Oregon.

Why is Free Tax Preparation so Important?

  • Each year hardworking Oregonians who cannot afford it spend hundreds of dollars on tax preparation.  Free tax preparation helps low- to moderate-income taxpayers have more discretionary income for everyday essentials, such as food and housing. You can offer a free alternative in your community.
  • Many taxpayers fall prey to predatory lenders selling high-cost loans advertised as “fast refunds” resulting in even less money in their pockets.
  • Low-income tax credits can put thousands of dollars into the pockets of our community’s most vulnerable.  The most powerful anti-poverty program in the nation, EITC, along with the refundable portion of the Child Tax Credit lifted an estimated 10.1 million people out of poverty, including 5.3 million children.  Unfortunately, only four of five people eligible for the credits claim them. Likely to overlook their eligibility: elderly, workers with disabilities, grandparents raising children, English language learners and those living in remote areas.  They need your help to get the credits they deserve.
  • Accurate returns are critical to obtaining mortgages, small business loans, college financial aid and even citizenship.  The efforts of volunteers help millions have access to the financial mainstream.

Demand for services

  • Demand for free volunteer assistance is rising. IRS customer service has been dramatically reduced to absorb about $1.9 billion in cuts to the Service’s annual budget since 2010.  As a result, we need significantly more volunteers to help fill the gap created by IRS budget cuts.
  • This year our volunteers were part of a nationwide effort that helped over 3.2 million taxpayers get $3.89 billion in tax refunds. Still, IRS estimates 15.8 million more taxpayers would use volunteer tax assistance if it were available.

You can become part of a program that has helped people file tax returns at no charge for more than four decades.  Join this friendly group of volunteers who care about their community.