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Steps to Volunteering for the Portland Metro Area*

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Get Ready to Make a Substantial Difference in Your Community.
As an IRS certified Tax Counselor, you will join a dedicated group of volunteers who assist thousands of low and moderate income taxpayers and seniors to file their taxes.

How do I become a Tax Counselor?

We want every one of our volunteers to have a gratifying and enjoyable experience. We have volunteers who have been preparing taxes with AARP Tax-Aide for over 25 years and continue to find their service rewarding. To ensure a successful tax season for you and our taxpayers, here are the steps.

  1. Complete your application online if you have not already done so on this website.
  2. Attend orientation for additional information on training, IRS certification, locations and more. Orientation takes place in late November and early December. We will email an invitation.
  3. Register for training online. The registration deadline is January 9th.
  4. Study for your IRS certification and attend your classes. In addition to study materials and classes, we will support you by providing an experienced volunteer as your mentor and drop-in study labs. To learn more about training options, visit Volunteer Training.
  5. Take and pass the Standards of Conduct, Intake/Quality Review and Advanced IRS certification tests by the deadline in late January.  These tests are open-book and you have more than one opportunity to pass if needed.  Our goal is to support every volunteer in passing.
  6. Once you are certified, you will be assigned to one of our 50 tax preparation sites based on interest and availability.
  7. Have a fun and successful filing season.



We ask…

  • Have access to high speed internet for training.
  • Be available to prepare taxes from February 1 through April 17.
  • Contribute 4 consecutive hours per week during the tax season, or more if you like.
  • We have a commitment to high quality returns, which requires a personal desire to prepare an accurate return.
  • You will work with a variety of people in your experience as a volunteer. Willingness to communicate, empathize, and understand your clients’ needs is vital.

You can expect…

  • Ongoing support from your fellow volunteers to answer questions and review of all returns for accuracy.
  • An appreciative and encouraging environment that supports diversity in volunteers and taxpayers.
  • Gratitude from the taxpayers you are helping.

To make a difference!!!

* For tax sites in Multnomah, Clackamas and Washington Counties