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Study Center Schedule

Click here for the Study Center Schedule. Labs are held in both the Lloyd Center location and the Beaverton location. Come use a computer, review your test, or ask general questions. Please make sure you bring your 4012 and NTTC workbook. Please note that due to weather we have changed some dates and locations.

Link to Eugene Tax-Aide Website

The Eugene Tax-Aide group has developed a fantastic website. Please click here to explore the site.

Bogart Tools

Click here to access web-based tools for tax counselors. Developed by Jeff Bogart in Longmont, Colorado.

Learning Map

Use this document to plan your learning program.

Certification Tests

For the Tax-Aide program volunteers need to complete three exams in order to certify as a Tax Counselor: the Volunteer Standards of Conduct exam, the Intake/Interview and Quality Review exam, and the Advanced exam.

Click here for a handout on how to set up and account and submit your Volunteer Agreement showing the completion of the exams.

On-line Classroom

Link & Learn Taxes is a self-paced e-learning program for volunteers.

TaxSlayer Practice Lab

Click here to access the Practice Lab.

For information on how to set up a user account, click here.

Volunteer Site Policies and Procedures Webinar and Slide Set

Click here to view the Volunteer Site Policies and Procedures Webinar. This is required for all Tax-Aide volunteers. Please note this webinar is not supported in Microsoft Edge.

Click here to view the required Ethics, Procedures and Policies slide set.


Click on each handout below.

Janine Jensen Practice Return

Click here to access the return.

Quincy Bennet Oregon Practice Return


Oregon Tools

Click below for tools to help calculate Oregon tax return information for the 2016 tax year. Courtesy of Barbara Smith-Thomas of the Portland Metro area.

Oregon Special Medical Subtraction Calculator

Oregon Federal Pension Subtraction Calculator

Oregon Retirement or Disabled Tax Credit Calculator

Oregon Child and Dependent Care Calculator



The IRS and Tax-Aide provide many resources for tax preparation. Click on each below.

Pub. 4012

The 4012 is a resource guide for volunteers. Please note: This is the Tax-Aide updated version.

Pub. 6744

Pub. 6744 provides information regarding exam questions.

Pub. 4491

The 4491 is considered your textbook. Please note that this publication is only available electronically.

Pub. 4961

Click here to view the Volunteer Standards of Conduct and Ethics Training.

Pub. 17

Pub. 17 provides detailed information about Federal tax law.

NTTC Workbook

The NTTC Workbook provides examples and problems for tax return preparation practice.

Tax-Aide Scope Manual

Tax-Aide Scope Manual

Oregon Materials

Full-Year Resident Instructions
Part-Year Resident Instructions
Pub. 17 1/2
Schedule WFCDC