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About Our Volunteers

  • We are concerned citizens! Everybody at CASH Oregon is committed to providing free services that make our community a better place to live.
  • We are involved seniors!  Our partnership with AARP Tax-Aide connects us to hundreds of seniors interested in giving back to their community.
  • We are motivated students! What better way to get on-the-ground experience in your field of interest and make a difference at the same time!

Quotes from Volunteers

Paula, volunteer since 2003 says, “The tax code is getting more complicated with each passing year.  Most people are terrified to try to do their own taxes, yet many low income taxpayers cannot afford preparers.  That’s where we come in.  I have helped people who had been paying large sums, which they could ill afford, to professional tax preparers.  There is nothing simple about low income taxes, given the many entitlements, such as the earned income and child credits, which are complicated to calculate.  We are very much needed.
It’s wonderful to have something valuable and intellectual to do in retirement.  I only wish the season were longer!”

Charles, volunteer since 2013, says “I learned a lot about tax preparation that I did not know before. I also learned a lot about how some people live, sometimes on the edge from paycheck to paycheck. It has made me more aware of how fortunate I am, and inspired me to continue helping.”

Linda, volunteer since 2010, says” I am very proud of what we add to the community.  Not only do we do tax returns, we help with financial literacy issues so that the taxpayer can better understand how it works.  Then there is the contribution to the economy - $20 million in federal refunds the Portland Metro area alone.  Much of that would have gone unclaimed if AARP Tax-Aide and CASH Oregon were not there with this service.  That buys milk, shoes, brake jobs - the benefit reaches far beyond the individual taxpayer.”

Sharon, volunteer since 2013, says “There are two things I really like about volunteering for Tax-Aide.  The first is the sense of accomplishment.  When you help a client prepare his or her tax return, you know immediately that you’ve helped someone.  With some of the other volunteer activities that I’ve done, you hope you’re making a difference but it’s harder to know for certain.  The second thing that I really enjoyed is that the work was intellectually interesting.  When I volunteer, I try to do whatever needs to be done but preparing tax returns is a whole lot more interesting than stuffing envelopes.”

Anne, Tax Counselor since 2009 says “I learned a lot thanks to all of you and my other team mates at Shute Park library.  I felt appreciated and I am thankful that I can do a small part to help my community.  Count me in for next season, and thanks for the opportunity to work with such great people.”